What is Ferraro Speed?

Ferraro Speed Parts Inc

Ferraro Speed Parts is a manufacturer, vendor, distributor and retailer. Approximately 10% of our business is retail, so our main focus is supporting performance/dyno/tuner shops and WD's with parts, tuning software, high levels of support and other peripherals.

We take huge pride in support and will "burn the house down" (so to speak) to get you the support you need: Our founder (Jim Ferraro) was previously a dyno tuner for a tuning manufacturer and understands what most of you go through on a daily basis: Trying to get devices to work, requesting tuning definitions, chasing support, etc...

It sucks without support, but you can lean on us and use our leverage to get the support you need!

What we manufacture:


US made and designed steering, suspension and other components, including V-band clamps and other peripheral items. For a WD price list, email sales@ferrarospeed.com

We plan to launch a new product every 4-6 weeks! Check out our S197 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit HERE.

What we distribute:

ngauge frontHP Tuners Logo

The HP Tuners nGauge. As the "direct" purchasing source for the HP Tuners nGauge, we offer Retail, Jobber, WD and Master WD pricing on the HP Tuners nGauge and handle all of the sales and support to resellers of all types, from dyno shop to WD.

In other words: If you're a tuner shop and you want to be walked through an nGauge support problem, we will make it happen.

The HP Tuners nGauge, matched with HP Tuners VCM Suite, has brought the domestic tuning world forward with a better device (A fully programmable, US made gauge, custom tuning and datalogging device, all in one-- rather than a generic handheld), better functionality (more tuning definitions, smoother software, faster flashing), and better support than the competition. You can see the nGauge HERE.

The margins on the nGauge at the jobber, WD and master WD levels are impressive.

For a quote or to become a distributor, email sales@ferrarospeed.com

HP Tuners VCM Suite Pro

HP Tuners VCM Suite Pro

HP Tuners VCM Suite. We distribute other HP Tuners devices, such as VCM Suite Pro, cables and credits, and offer great volume discounts when you purchase these items from us for resale. To request a dealer login, email sales@ferrarospeed.com

VMP Stage 1 TVS Supercharger Coyote Boss

VMP Superchargers. Not only are we local to VMP, we've known them for a long time and consider ourselves an extension of their team. They do business the right way and our discount is deep enough that we can offer attractive dealer pricing on their TVS blower kits.

VMP is our dealer, too and an HP Tuners partner: VMP offers custom mustang and F150 tunes with the HP Tuners nGauge using HP Tuners VCM Suite.

Though we sell the entire VMP lineup, some of the more popular items are HERE (Remember, you'll need a login to see dealer pricing. Posted prices are MSRP).

Insight Pro CTS2 4

Powerteq/Edge and Holley. We get the deepest discount offered on all Holley brands, including Powerteq, Superchips and The HP Tuners compatible Edge Insight Pro devices. We can offer any product in any of their catalogs at retail or at a reseller price.


JLT Performance. We are die-hard loyal to this brand. Their products perform well and they run their business the right way. JLT is one of the few products we offer only at retail.

+ many more products, with new products aded daily.

Buying from us is easy: If you're an enthusiast, simply browse our website. If you don't see what you need, chances are we can get it, so please don't be afraid to ask.

Email sales@ferrarospeed.com. Support, support, support!

What we offer to your business:

Tuner shops, Dyno shops and WD's: We exist to serve you. Literally. Our website is login based, so you can order product at full discount by simply logging in, even at 3 AM on a Sunday for "first thing Monday" shipment. You can text us at weird hours for HP Tuners nGauge or credits support--and we'll make sure you have what you need.

We can also customize your login according to what you regularly buy. Let's say you are an overseas shop or distributor and you need to order certain parts regularly: We can make sure these parts show up in your profile, making repeat orders clean and easy.

Are you a US based tuner shop? We have all of the contacts to make sure you get the support you need. We'll set you up with HP Tuners, tuning education, the nGauge and a virtual loudspeaker so your feedback can craft product updates and new product releases.

Customer referrals, blog entries and advertising co-op: Looking for a marketing advantage? We refer tuning business directly to our customers, and base it upon location, tuning platform and expertise. We also offer co-op dollars for Facebook advertising. Once approved, we'll match what you spend on Facebook advertising, so you can double down on your exposure and pull in more tuning business--on our dime!

Naturally, we can only do so many of these per month and this service is for tuner shop customers only.

To get in cue for an ad co-op or to request a blog entry, email info@ferrarospeed.com

Our "normal" business hours (but we aren't normal) are 9AM-6PM EST M-F and you can reach us at 407-588-7546

You can also email us 24-7 at: sales@ferrarospeed.com


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