The HP Tuners nGauge for GM and Dodge?

"When will there be an HP Tuners nGauge for GM and Dodge?"

That is the question around here.  But before we answer that question, let's talk more about what this nGauge device actually is.

The HP Tuners nGauge is the most advanced OBD2 gauge, code scanner and datalogging device, ALL IN ONE for any 1996 or newer OBD2 vehicle. It even has analog inputs, so you can view and datalog other signals all in one place (like boost, EGT and AFR).

It's just that the HP Tuners nGauge also happens to be a great custom tuning device for drive by wire Ford vehicles, capable of holding 20+ custom tunes. Custom tunes that can be created by any HP Tuners tuner shop!

In other words, as a gauge, scanner and datalogger, it already works on GM and Dodge. It works on your Volvo. It even works on your Hyundai!

nGauge in A Cadillac CTSV? Believe it. Somebody clean those fingerprints, though!

nGauge in A Cadillac CTSV? Believe it.
Somebody clean off those fingerprints!

But let's get back to the subject at hand: Why do so many enthusiast/race builds have 7 freaking gauges on the dash with an abortion of gauge pods and cheapo plastic panels?

It's simple: Because they didn't have an nGauge.

Think about this for a minute: For years, we've all purchased gauge pods and multiple gauges to manage all of the signals we need. This gets expensive and you soon run out of Real Estate to mount the gauges, so the mounting solutions themselves get expensive.

Now you've got a cluttered dash. "Yay".

Oof: 3 faces only a mama could love.

Oof: 3 faces and a body only a mama could love.

And then you've got to deal with data acquisition (data logging). That's a whole separate system (or at least device) you have to purchase, which needs to receive analog signals from multiple gauges from different brands and then you have to wire it all up. It sucks!

With the HP Tuners nGauge, you can monitor the factory PID's (signals) you need, plus you have room to add analog inputs. For example, lets say you have a Mustang GT, Challenger or Camaro SS with an aftermarket blower. Well, the car didn't come with a blower, so it does not have a boost PID/signal in the factory PCM. You'd normally have to go buy an expensive boost gauge and another mounting pod, but The nGauge makes the solution simple:

The back of the nGauge has analog inputs, which allow you to import signals and datalog them live and in sync with the factory signals. This means your boost curve will properly line up with RPM and you (or your tuner shop) can view your data in a more useful way.

A simple 3-bar map sensor is all you need to pipe your boost signal into your nGauge and get a clean, streamlined data experience.

Boom! 2 wires and now you're datalogging your boost signal and displaying it natively on the nGauge, just like your car/truck came with it. (Thanks to Dorian Johnson for the photo)

2 wires and now you're datalogging your boost signal and displaying it natively on the nGauge, just like your car/truck came with it. (Thanks to Dorian Johnson for the photo)

Now that you can see some of the power the nGauge has, lets get into some stats: How many signals can it display at a time? How many PIDS can it log at a time?

The HP Tuners nGauge can datalog 23 signals at a time. There are several gauge screens, which can swipe between with your finger (just like your smartphone home screens), with up to 6 signals on each screen for a total of 15.

Not to mention, the LEDs can be programmed to react to any signal you want. Want a shift light? You got it! Different shift light RPM per gear? Also no problem! You can even program it as an AFR "chaser" with the LED's floating back and forth to represent the air/fuel ratio in real time. You can get super creative here; the sky is the limit. You can even make the LED's flash when the torque converter locks up, which can be useful for turbodiesel tuning. Yes, it works on diesels, too!

HP Tuners nGauge in a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke.

HP Tuners nGauge in a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke.

The HP Tuners nGauge is available at Ferraro Speed Parts for $449.00 and--if you're lucky enough to own a Ford-- it comes ready for custom tuning from your favorite tuner shop!

Ford owners can also enjoy a host of tuner shops and email tuners who can offer you the HP Tuners nGauge with custom tuning, including VMP Performance, MPT Performance, Injected Engineering, True Street Motorsports, Dyno-Comp, Y2 Performance, Fastlane Motorsports, Amazon Tuning Solutions, LPF, Justin's Performance Center, CRT Performance and MANY others.

Only The HP Tuners nGauge is open for tuning from any HP Tuners tuner shop, giving Ford owners many choices for tuning.

Oh, and back to the original question: When the HP Tuners nGauge does support GM or Dodge as a tuning device, we're being told that, much like all updates so far, it'll just be a firmware update!

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself an HP Tuners nGauge and declutter your dash!

Please send dealer and wholesale inquiries to

HP Tuners nGauge GT500

HP Tuners nGauge mounted in a GT500. Thanks to Brent Yager for the photo!



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  1. I'm very interested in the gm version of the ngauge is released. It's there a release date yet? If not could I possibly be notified when it's available? Thanks!
  2. The GM version is in Beta for E38 PCM's. If you are a GM shop, you can test it.
  3. Wanted to check in to see if the NGauge is ready for GM vehicles yet? I have a 2013 corvette and I would like to purchase one.
  4. Yes, the nGauge now works on your corvette!

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