HP Tuners nGauge Warranty & Repair

HP Tuners nGauge GT500


Resellers: If you have an HP Tuners nGauge in need of warranty or repair, please use the form below to request an RMA number for repair or replacement.

Please be prepared with a serial number, command index (unless impossible) and a description of the issue. (To find the command index, look on the nGauge menu under tuning > status, unless it is not possible to do so. In those cases, enter a "0"in the field and specify this in the notes. eg: Display not working, etc.)

Consumers/enthusiasts: If you purchased an HP Tuners nGauge from a reseller and need warranty or other support, please go directly to the reseller where you purchased the nGauge.

This warranty/support form is for resellers only and for the HP Tuners version of the nGauge only.

When you receive an RMA number, please pack up your nGauge securely and return your HP Tuners nGauge to the address specified with the RMA.

Please mark the RMA number clearly on (or in) the package!

Once received, the nGauge will be inspected, tested and an action plan chosen. If the failure occurred due to physical abuse (example: broken connector due to yanking on the cord), the warranty claim will be denied, but in some cases, you will be able to purchase a replacement at a discount.

Most of the time, however, this is not the case and we simply repair or replace the nGauge. Warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser/original vehicle, so if the command index is "2" or above, the nGauge is no longer under warranty.

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