GM testing with the HP Tuners nGauge is a success. Official release soon!

Thanks to the tireless work of the staff at e-motion, HP Tuners and the hospitality of Geoff Skorupa at Next Level Performance in Longwood, FL, we have successfully tuned a 2010 Gen5 Camaro (E38) with the HP Tuners nGauge.

HP Tuners nGauge for GM Chevy Camaro Corvette

What does this mean? In the coming weeks, you'll have multi-tune, local or remote support for your GM vehicle, without a laptop!

You can switch tunes, datalog, monitor factory PIDS and analog signals all from the nGauge at native speeds, just like the Fords.

In fact, it's the same HP Tuners nGauge that works on Fords!


This means your current HP Tuners nGauge stock will work on GM once the firmware is released. One part number!

GM support comes as a simple firmware update that will give any existing HP Tuners nGauge support for both Ford and GM.

The GM firmware is currently in the "alpha" state of testing, but we'll quickly move on to "beta" and full release.

If you are an experienced tuner shop and want to test The HP Tuners nGauge on a GM vehicle, please email

Camaro tuned HP Tuners nGauge

The initial GM release will be E38 GM PCM's, with more models planned soon!

Huge thanks to Geoff At Next Level Performance for the use of this 2010, twin turbo, E85 powered beast.

And here's to the growth of #nGaugeNation !

Next level performance longwood FL

Camaro nGauge TT E85 NL Performance









Contact info:

Jim Ferraro: Ferraro Speed Parts, The WD's and tuner shop's source for the HP Tuners nGauge: 407-588-7546 email:

Geoff Skorupa: Next Level Performance, Longwood, FL. email:


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