Free RTIC 30oz tumbler with HP Tuners nGauge order

Thanks for being an integral part of #nGaugeNation!

The HP Tuners nGauge continues to climb in sales every month, and so many consumers are only just learning about this awesome tuning device. 

As a simple thank you, all dealer orders that ship this week (5 pack or more) will receive a free RTIC 30oz tumbler with a waterproof FerraroSpeed logo. 

Any case orders (25 nGauges) will receive 5 30 oz tumblers.

FerraroSpeed 30oz RTIC tumbler. Waterproof decal.

FerraroSpeed 30oz RTIC tumbler. Waterproof decal.

I know it's a small thank you, but one you can use every day...

If you'd like to purchase one standalone, they are $24.99 shipped and located HERE.

If you have a question, suggestion or need related to the HP Tuners nGauge or something else tuning related, simply reply to this email and let your voice be heard! Most of the nGauge functions and firmware updates are inspired by customer and dealer feedback. We greatly appreciate those of you who have helped make the device what it is today.

In other news, the Ferraro Speed S197 Bumpsteer kit has hit the ground running and has been picked up by several vendors, including MPT Performance and Lethal Performance.

We will be launching our next S197 Mustang part in only a couple of weeks.

You can expect another "no compromise, new twist" kind of part of uncompromising quality.

Thanks again for your business always, your emails and phone calls are welcomed.

Jim Ferraro

Ferraro Speed Parts Inc


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