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Ferraro Speed Parts, Inc is a manufacturer, wholesale distributor and consulting company in the performance aftermarket. We specialize in bringing performance products to market and building distribution channels from top to bottom (especially with brick & mortar shops-the resellers that truly drive the aftermarket), as well as driving product demand.

While we do offer retail products for sale through the website, most of the business we do is wholesale. Our focus is working directly with other manufacturers, WD's and tuner shops to bring them exclusive deals with high levels of reseller support.

Jim Ferraro has over 22 years experience in the automotive aftermarket (covering the spectrum of sales, marketing, product development, R&D, retail, and distribution) and is especially passionate about working with tuner shops and performance manufacturers.

Ferraro Speed Parts has over 150 resellers in the performance aftermarket, including some of the biggest names in the aftermarket:

And over 100 performance shops!

Ferraro Speed holds the purchasing and distribution rights to the HP Tuners nGauge. Contact us to become a reseller: info@ferrarospeed.com

Ferraro Speed Parts manufactured the first shimless bumpsteer kit for mustangs and has recently released the 8.8 Axle Brace for 1994-2014 Mustangs.

Expect more FerraroSpeed branded products soon, all designed and fabricated in the USA!

To request a wholesale login, please email Sales@FerraroSpeed.com or call 407-588-7546

Ferraro Speed Parts Inc